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                           **New** JTC JUMP Residential Day School Now Open



K-8 Therapeutic Program

K-8  LD, OHI, ID, and ED and Programming


 Desktops/ Chromebooks: All youth in Grades K-8 are assigned their own desktop or Chromebook to access resources and other programs/websites that JTC Academy requires.

Reading and Language Arts

ILIT is our main “teacher directed” reading and language arts instructional website. This website allows for the teacher to teach all students at various reading levels and also has a wealth of individual reading novels and non-fiction materials. Renaissance Star 360, Acellus, Reading A to Z, Raz Kids and IXL are supplemental resources available at JTC Academy to address additional skills and/or gaps in student learning. Teachers also utilize class sets of various novels and conduct novel studies that can also be very therapeutic in nature.


Touch Math, Go Math, Acellus and IXL are the math programs for grades K-8

Social Studies

 Specific Social Studies courses are all assigned a predetermined textbook for each grade level in order to meet the Illinois Course Requirements. Acellus is utilized as a supplement for learning and assessment.