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JTC Academy East


All students at JTC East are assigned Chrome Books to log into all school web-based textbooks and web-based sites that teachers use at JTC Academy for instruction. 

Post-Secondary Transitioning

Transitioning our youth into post-secondary programs is paramount at JTC Academy. The clinical treatment team works with constructing individual transitioning plans for each youth at JTC Academy utilizing our 4 transitioning program components that include: Career/Job Programming, Housing, Social/Independent Living/Life Skills Training and Transportation. Each of these components will be addressed through curriculum, training and real-life experiences in order to maximize each youth’s potential and to set them on a path for independent success while minimizing their chances of being homeless, on drugs, in jail, having an unexpected pregnancy and other social problems that are due lack of appropriate post-secondary planning.

JTC East

Location:  353 N. 88th St.  Centreville, Il 62203  Phone:  (618) 398-2524  Fax (618) 398-2582

Contact information for JTC East Administration

Click on the name below of the administrator you wish to contact. We will return your email as soon as possible. 

JTC Academy Executive Director

JTC Academy Assistant Director